Padded carbon fibre hiking straps

Imagine a hiking strap that doesn’t stretch and saves energy with every body move. Very light when dry and wet – no water absorption.

Your moth becomes more responsive than ever before.

Boom quick connection pin

Mast to boom connection efortless and without any tools. Our quick pin saves your time and pleases your eye.


Carbon fibre trolley

Move around with 50% lighter trolley made out of carbon fibre tubes.

See it live at Moth events. Come over to POL4831.

U block holder

Low profile and slim. Offers flexibility and precise adjustment with different sails. 

Manta wing holder

3D printed Manta wing holder padded with durable protective foam.

Fix your boat to the trolley in a second.

Manta boom post

Great solution to fix your boom for long trips.

Lighweight deck blocks

Organize your on deck controls with help of 3D printed blocks. 

Lightweight and colorful.

Perfect for light load application.

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